My name is Molly and I live in a treehouse. Well, at the top of a block of flats next to lots of trees.

I share the treehouse with my son and lots of plants and trains.

Previously a primary school teacher, I am still using my skills to help children and their families in South London. I am passionate about outdoor play, reading and parental wellbeing.

You can currently find me at Grow Mayow on Mondays and Thursdays, leading Foxglove Forest School sessions.

I am a founder of The Village London, which supports parents and carers with their health, wellbeing and helps them make connections with fellow parents. Some of our services are free, and everything paid-for has three prices: you choose to pay based on what you can afford.

If you want to ask me anything email or contact me onĀ Instagram.

Molly's smiling face against a white background

We all need to spend more time outside, children and adults alike. Then we have a chance to:

  • run, shout and stretch our bodies
  • notice details and changes
  • experience joy
  • get vitamin D
  • build a closer relationship with nature
  • climb trees
  • listen to interesting sounds
  • get muddy and wet
  • learn
  • become invested in the safety of our planet
  • meet other animals

Here’s what I believe about children’s books:

  • All children deserve to be delighted.
  • All children deserve representation.
  • All children deserve adventure and escape.
  • All children deserve the right to join in.
  • All children deserve to be readers.
  • All children deserve to have their horizons broadened.
  • All children deserve access.
  • All children deserve to be storytellers.