Learning At Home

Owing to the pandemic, schools are closing around the world and there is a strong possibility that UK schools will shortly be following suit. I know lots of parents are already working from home, which will be harder with kids around and you may also now be worrying that you need to suddenly become a teacher as well!

I’m a qualified teacher and I’m going to be posting some ideas of activities based around popular books that you are likely to have at home. Where possible I will find links to videos of the stories in case you don’t. None of the ideas will involve worksheets. They are suitable for primary school children and I’ll show you how lots of areas of learning can come from a story. I might suggest which age group certain activities are suitable for, but you know your children better than me and sometimes they might surprise you with the challenges they are interested in. You really embed learning when you teach, so if older siblings help younger then they both benefit.

I’ll be trying my best to make sure you can use things you already have around the house so there’s no added stress of buying or making resources. Lots of the activities can be accessed independently, particularly by older children, so hopefully you can use some time to get work done or put a wash on!

I’ll say it again: none of my suggestions will involve worksheets! Children of all ages learn best when they are playing, curious and engaged so if that’s what they’re up to at home you are onto a good thing. Don’t worry if it doesn’t look like your image of ‘school’.

Be kind to yourself and each other and remember if everyone needs a break, a nap or just to watch TV for a bit then that’s absolutely fine.

If you have any questions feel free to contact my via this page, hello@treehousemolly.com or on Instagram.